Zynga sucks, who’d have thought?

23 Oct
October 23, 2012

Doing it during the Apply conference, so that the press was otherwise distracted, Zynga closed their entire 100+ person Austin studio, giving folks 2 hours to vacate the premises.

Ain’t that shitty?

Someone asked in the comments of a post, why I hadn’t tried to get a job in the industry? It’s stuff like this, and the fact that it’s usually worse hours and pay than a normal programmer job. Zynga is up there on the top of the evil, exploitative list, sure, but they’re hardly unique for this kind of thing. Bullshit has been common in the industry since the beginning. And even the cool development studios are at the mercy of the publishers.

Yeah, yeah, I know, game developers are supposed to run on passion and enthusiasm, not cold-hearted cost-benefit calculations. Tell it to the fresh-faced kids just out of varsity. 😉 Me, if I’m going to work for less pay and longer hours, I want to be building games of my own design. Not someone else’s dream, or whatever is popular with the lowest common denominator right now.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Why did zynga fire 100 employees? The link you posted keeps giving me a 404 error so please forgive my ignorance. 🙂


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