What sound does Neurotoxin make?

29 Jan
January 29, 2013

And what is the sound of Treachery? These of the kinds of questions I find myself asking recently.

Sound effects, you see. I’ve been adding them in for when you play a card, trying to come up with sounds appropriate to each. Unfortunately, a dedicated sound engineer is not something I have on this project, so I have to scour places like SoundRangers and FreeSound for suitable candidates, of the right quality, length and license options.

Not always easy.

Hopefully the end result will be decent enough. Though I’ll probably include an option to disable the fx sounds, just in case.

Anyway, work continues. 🙂

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  1. Scotticus says:

    IMO, the neurotoxin would have the sound of its delivery mechanism — dart gun compressed air hiss, glass ampule shattering. Or maybe the sound of the victim’s heartbeat speeding up as they realize what is happening.

    Treachery would be a mild, sinister chuckle.

  2. C. says:

    The Gold/Developer edition should include “Gareth practicing ‘mild, sinister chukles'”

  3. GhanBuriGhan says:

    Treachery? “Muahahaha!” clearly (jk). Neurotoxin? Maybe a slowing, stopping heart beat?
    What are you using to edit sounds? I found Audacity worked great for me when I played around with sounds for Age of Decadence.

  4. Kris says:

    “Though I’ll probably include an option to disable the fx sounds, just in case.”

    Options are always appreciated. I have had to put down games, in the past, due to one, tiny nagging feature, that I couldn’t turn off, or get over. Sometimes some, seemingly, pretty benign things, as well- you just never know.

  5. gareth says:

    @Ghan – Yep, using Audacity. Has been very useful, a few tweeks to the sounds from freesound has made them vastly more appropriate.

    “The Gold/Developer edition should include “Gareth practicing ‘mild, sinister chukles’””

    I’ve had the suggestion that, for playing Agent cards, I should have the sound clip be me (or someone) narrating a bit of flavour text for that Agent. A fun idea, though I think the clip would be too long. Still, maybe I’ll include that in a gold version. 😉

  6. gareth says:

    Ghan, you did sounds for AoD? What kind of thing?

  7. gareth says:

    Nice. I still have access, yes. Hmm, I missed that thread somehow.


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