What A Mess

20 Jul
July 20, 2014

Man, the Yogventures story just gets more and more cringe-worthy.

By the looks of that, almost every artist they hired was some unnecessarily senior dude from a prestigious studio who got a lump sum up front? Crumbs. And how can you possibly be so inexperienced as to not tie payments to asset delivery? Man.

Don’t get me wrong here, I think KS is overall a big positive. All you need to do is check the Steam list of Kickstarted games to see all the great, worthy projects that wouldn’t exist without Kickstarter.

But you have to realize going in that all the risk management the big publishers do, that’s on the backers now. And since there’s no centralized oversight and control there, and no legal recourse if things really go wrong, that opens things up to abuse. Be wary.

And game developers, don’t tarnish your name forever in the rush to round up funding on kickstarter. Don’t take on projects way out of your league and far above your experience level. Be a little cautious, a little conservative. Especially with other people’s money. This is very much a trust-economy. Don’t be too eager.

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