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16 Mar
March 16, 2012

Another heartwarming Kickstarter success story to report, the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter project achieved its funding goal of $900k in just 24 hours!

As with the Double Fine Kickstarter, this is a clear message from fans of these genres that we’re still here, we’re still willing to pay for new games. It shows how developers forming strong relationships with fans can pay dividends, even 20 years later. It shows that you don’t have to use a big stick to get people to pay, if they trust your intentions and trust that you can offer them something they care about. And it shows that the some of the best PR is simply to build up a good portfolio of past work.

Exciting times, friends, exciting times. Mass Production was the driver of the Industrial Age, I wonder if Mass Patronage will have as great an influence in this new, Digital Age? 😀

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  1. c. says:

    Don’t think Mass Patronage will happen. Still, Kickstarter might help to prolong the life of some niche genres. Which is nice. W 2 is one of two games, I’m tempted to wait for.


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