The “Why?”

15 Feb
February 15, 2012

Wil Wheaton posted something on his blog that rather resonated with me. I’ll wait here for you to go off and read it then, shall I?

Begin the readening!

You back yet? Cool, let’s continue.

It’s this :

From designing my character and developing his backstory, to building a world and populating it with allies and adversaries, the games I’ve played have lived on in my imagination long after I’ve gotten up from the table and put the dice back in their bag

This is one of the wonderful aspects of gaming, that I think gets overlooked: when we play games, we’re using our imaginations to bring cardboard and plastic to life. If we’re lucky, that spark can start a fire that burns long after the game has been put away.

That blog post captures the essence of what motivates me as a gamer and a game developer, why I have chosen to gamble a lot of money and time on trying to make a living making indie games instead of say buying a house or going on overseas holidays.

These moments, when a fictional world and its characters takes hold of your mind and the real world seems to fade into the background, where you keep thinking about it long after you’ve gotten up and walked away, these are what I live for. I spent my childhood wandering through the worlds others created, now that I’m an adult I burn to create my own. This is what is at the heart of all my interests. I paint so that I can paint dragons, I write so that I can create characters and the worlds they live in, and I program so I can model behavior and interaction.

This is my “why?”, my purpose. What I get up for in the morning.

I want to find Higaara.

I want to war with my siblings for my father’s divine throne.

I want to fear the dawning of the Metal Age.

And I want to travel into the East. Always, into the East.

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  1. Arn Richert says:

    The man speaketh truth! 🙂

    In my case at least, Doom, and id Software in general, got me into game dev. I was interested in paleontology in primary school, until I found games. Pah! Crazy kids ideas eh 😛

  2. Woe says:

    Damn, those vids bring back memories.

  3. Tachyon says:

    haha, great post. live on the edge and feel alive!


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