The Perfect Pasta Sauce

22 Apr
April 22, 2013

Jim Sterling says it rather well in this week’s Jimquisition.

There is no Perfect Pasta Sauce. Only Perfect Pasta Sauces.

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  1. Dragatus says:

    I agree, that was wel lsaid. Now if only someone could make the AAA publishers watch it.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey Gareth, this new Rpg that just released on steam greenlight, looks good.

    In case my link doesn’t work it’s called: Mars:War Logs.

    Cyberpunk on mars, I’m getting a witcher vibe from it. Seems interesting.

  3. gareth says:

    Daniel, I’ve been keeping an eye on that one. Seems like it could be good.

    Let me know your first impressions, once you play it. 🙂

  4. Daniel says:

    Will do. 🙂

  5. Daniel says:

    My First Impressions: Mars:War Logs.

    If you’ve played Knights of the Old Republic, mix that with Red Faction, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the games atmosphere.

    The combat is surprisingly good, it’s a bit like Dragon Age, but with an active evade mechanic. Pressing the evade button and then a direction/WSAD key, you roll out of the way.

    You can block manually, which I find a refreshing change. however your ranged weapon is only a action skill like thing, your main weapon is always some form of melee implement.

    The writing is nice, but I find it a tad dry. Theres definitely potential in this game.

    The factions are quite interesting.

    Theres a “cold-war” of sorts in that two city-states are fighting over the most precious resource on mars: Water.

    Abundance and Aurora.

    Aurorans name themselve with funny names like “Innocence” and “Wisdom”.

    A Jedi/Sith like Technomancers run both states.

    Starting off in a POW camp was quite cool, Had to stop a guy from being raped, by the local prison-fatso.

    All in all I think theres room for improvement, but I think it’s done well for an indie.


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