Testing, testing

12 Jun
June 12, 2015

I’m all about the balance testing, right now, as I work to get the game ready for another beta testing release. Not long now, not long.

So I test and I test and I test. And sometimes, fun moments happen. The funnest of those are skin-of-your-teeth victories. 😀

This one was pretty darn close. One more turn and my hackers would bring home victory, but that lane on the right is open. Any Agent with Haste (that enemy deck has a couple), or any card that would have opened up one of the other lanes, would have cost me the game. But, fortunately for me, the AI didn’t have anything like that in its hand that turn and I won, just in time.

Another hacker deck test. This time, I was pretty boned. Smoke Grenade kept me alive by debuffing the enemy Agents’ attack power, but even with that barrier, he’d managed to wipe out all my Agents with direct damage and climb toward victory. One more turn and Smoke Grenade would drop, and between tough agents and powerful turrets, I wasn’t going to get another Agent on the board.

Luckily, I drew a Software Vulnerability just when I needed it, allowing me to directly gain 5 OP and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


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