System Crash Update – Missioning

07 Dec
December 7, 2012

What are you working on right now, Gareth, I hear you ask.

Well, glad you asked. I’ve been creating the story campaign missions, a process that involves plotting the overall story arc, building up missions that lead the player through that arc (and side missions), writing up narrative and building the XML data entries.

Which look something like this.

In the process of writing the plot, I decided that I needed something more than just the little narrative blurbs before and after a card battle to make it interesting. It’s rather hard to create interesting characters in that format. So I added an in-game email system. You can’t actually reply to emails, but you receive them, and it’s implied that you act on them when you are going on ‘runs’. The email allows me to convey NPC personalities to some degree, though it’s not a full-fledged dialogue system, by any stretch.

(Note, writing is first draft and the contact portraits aren’t correct)

The email system also allows me to indulge myself by asking questions like “in the gritty cyberpunk future, what will penis-enlargement spam look like?”

Once this is done, it’s onto lots of playtesting and deck balancing. Oh, and adding sounds. Then I put on my wolverine-proof underpants and open it up to the public. Heaven have mercy.

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  1. Scotticus says:

    LOL That must be high end spam to be so well written. It must from the Apple of male enhancement cybernetics!


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