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01 Nov
November 1, 2012

Well, my lungs are starting to work properly again so I guess I’ll show you that media I promised 😉

I wanted to make more of a “splash” with the announcement, somehow, with a website launch or something, but fuck it. I’m a tiny, unknown indie, that’s the wrong strategy.

So here goes. Announcing “System Crash”, a cyberpunk themed CCG. Cyberpunk, yay! Coolness…wait, you didn’t know I switched the theme to cyberpunk months ago, did you? Well, that’s because I got mocked for changing direction so many times that I felt I’d just shut up about it until I had something to show, to show that I wasn’t just gonna change my mind further down the line again. I’m not going to, the decision was made months ago. Besides, 45 of the 76 illustrations I needed are finished and paid for, I can’t afford to change my mind. 😉

I’ll go into the reason for the change of theme in the next blog post. No, it wasn’t just that I am an scatterbrained idiot that can’t make up his mind. I’ve got reasons, though those reasons are the justifications of a scatterbrained idiot who can’t make up his mind is for you to decide, I guess.

For now, pretty pictures. Note, I’m still working on the UI and I’m still getting in final art. Some of what you see is placeholder. Not sure whether I’m going to go with the lurid green colour scheme for the UI or something more like the desaturated turquoise blue in the XCOM UI. I chose green because it felt “old school DOS”, like the Matrix movies. But maybe blue fits better with some of the art I’ve got, and I’m not sure that the green doesn’t overwhelm the art, visually. Anyway. Click for bigger images, as always.

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  1. Scotticus says:

    Nice! I am starting to look forward to playing this!

  2. Rich Hudson says:

    Looks awesome. Though I don’t play card games I will likely give this a whirl just because it is cyber-punky. I think it was smart to mive away from the classic fantasy setting genre as it is overdone. Good Luck!

  3. C. says:

    UI reminds me that of Syndicate.

  4. Dragatus says:

    Damn it, Gareth! You frightened me. When I saw the blog post title I thought you were speaking about your PC and that something horrible happened to your game.

    Anyway, the pretty pictures are fine, but I’m personally much more itnerested in the number crunching part.

  5. Diego Doumecq says:

    Just being curious here: Did the mechanics influence the change in theme? I’m curious only because over the years you’ve shown yourself as the type of designer that really worries about lore, history, context and how it relates to the mechanics themselves.
    Then again, I may have misread you, so that’s why I’m asking 😛

  6. gareth says:

    Diego : Yes, the mechanics influenced the change in theme. Basically, the story that the mechanics were telling wasn’t the “World of Darkness, intrigue and supernatural politics” narrative I was trying to write.

    I’m going to write a full blog post about that shortly.

  7. André says:

    Hi. I started a PBBG project two years ago, called System Crash too!

  8. Kris says:

    Ahem. Still waiting for that post. 😛


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