Survival of the Fastest

19 Jun
June 19, 2015

In System Crash, it isn’t always about getting the strongest Agents on the board. Sometimes it’s about speed.

The Rush archetype deck is built with speed in mind. It’s filled with cards to help you get Agents out quickly and dominate the early game. Hit ’em fast, hit ’em hard, don’t let them recover, that’s the Rush philosophy.

And I was a proud ‘dad’ when the AI managed to pull off the Rush strategy flawlessly against my Yakuza deck. 😀

Some early Blackjack’s and the 9th Circle nightclub support card had seen the AI to 48 points, a mere 2 from victory. But I’d finally blocked its advance, bringing out tougher mid-tier Agents that I knew it wouldn’t be able to beat, in a fair fight. Generally, once the Rush deck loses momentum, it loses it permanently.


But the Rush deck has one more trick up its sleeve for just such an occasion. Deception cards. Deception can clear you some room to attack when brute force alone won’t do it.


Reroute cleared the path, but it still wouldn’t be enough without speed. That’s where Nem0 shines. With 6 Attack Power and Haste, he can quickly claim OP from an opening.


And that, as they say, was that.


Well played, that code. Well played.

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  1. Maximillion Miles says:

    Ah, being defeated by an AI you designed yourself. A moment of pride!

    How goes System Crash’s development overall? Must be rough, having to work on it while at the same time working on a full-time job. What can I say, except good luck and keep working on it! The last 10% of the game are the hardest, by far.

  2. gareth says:

    Thanks man, it really is!

    But I’ve been grafting hard and I’m getting so close now. I’ll be releasing a new beta this week, look out for that. Then a few more weeks of testing on the story campaign and it’s done! I am aiming for the end of July. 🙂


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