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21 May
May 21, 2014

I painted these recently, thought I’d share.



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  1. Daniel says:

    Nice art there Gareth! 🙂

  2. gareth says:

    Very nice!

    What’s your game about?

  3. Daniel says:

    Well, my game is about alien invasions, okay just joking. Throw all that out the airlock and blast it into tiny pieces for good measure.

    My game is focusing on the classic “frontier” colony type space operas.

    You start off as a lowly down on His/Her luck drifter who’s had a job offer.

    Depending on traits you choose, your character will come from a certain background such as: Bounty Hunter (Think Boba Fett), Smuggler, Retired Soldier etc.

    And under “Psychological profile” the next screen after traits, helps define your character’s personality.

    For example: Tormented, Sociopath, Empath, neurotic, cocky. And dialogue options to support them.

    The Backstory:

    Like I said earlier: My story is about “almost” invasions. There are no aliens except for a elder gods style of unimaginable beings, who are very powerful, and yet are just as kill-able as humans.

    You see they are scientific geniuses, and created the human race, from their own DNA.

    They suffer from a DNA defect and they created humans to use as lab rats.

    The humans rebelled and forced them off earth. They invaded and lost.

    Now they stand in the shadows manipulating Humanity Deus Ex style.

    There are no aliens except for Mutants.

    A servant race of mutated humanoid vampire bats protect the “Minders” as humans have come to know them.

    Then there are various “races” of mutant humans who exhibit certain powers and/or abilities.

    The story will focus on the petty struggles of the Border Colonies with the minders in the shadows forever watching.

  4. gareth says:

    Sounds like an interesting dark science-fiction setting. The proof is always in the implementation, of course. But if done well, could be very cool! Just be careful about being too ambitious on your first game. Keep a tight focus, is my advice.

    Gameplay wise, what are you thinking? What type of games most closely match the style of experience you’re hoping to create? Sounds like an RPG, to me.

    Those dialogue traits, how will they play out in practice. If you’ve selected “Sociopath” and a sociopath option comes up in dialogue, will you be forced to select it? Optional? Give you experience or something similar?

    How will character creation in general work? Open, or classes/set by your background?

  5. Daniel says:

    Thanks for your input Gareth, Yes I can see and agree with your advice on project scope. Originally I wanted you to be able to fly around the galaxy visiting different planets like the old space sims.

    However I wanted to make it more deep, where you could run around on the ground in cities and stuff like mass effect. But I decided to scale it back to a space station and and maybe a few places on a single planet.

    So here is the description and idea for the starting location;

    You step off out of the airlock, and join a queue of weary-people seeking a sort of “gold-rush” in the border worlds, The customs guys ask you pointed questions, for character creation. and once you gain control of your character, your free to persue or ignore the “main” storyline.

    So basically the final frontier feel of the station is like Mos Eisley cantina mixed with Deepspace 9, rusted airvents, steam coming up from the floor paneling, and drug pushers and spies hiding under lean-tos. The station does have law enforcement, but they are lazy and corrupt.

    Definitely hive of scum and villainy.

  6. Daniel says:

    oh and about the Dialogue Traits, It’s sort of like fallout New Vegas, where if you have “chosen” that perk/trait, it opens up an optional dialogue choice. I was thinking it could be for humor and role-playing purposes, I haven’t figured out the practical benefits of it yet.

  7. gareth says:

    That sounds good! I like your plan for the locations. You can do a lot with some modular meshes of corridors and things for the space station. With some excursions down to the surface to small areas, that could work!

    And it’s a fun environment. 🙂

    Ok, so with Dialogue Traits, you don’t have to take take the option, it’s just available to you for roleplaying. Cool. 🙂

  8. Daniel says:

    Imagine this fight scene in a dark station corridor, I’m going for a similar aesthetic, albeit with less impressive art since my skills aren’t that good… Yet 😉

    scene: starts at 12:00


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