Snapshot of A Teenage Gareth

06 Oct
October 6, 2015

Everything in this, except that for me it was always, always about the rocket launcher. I was all about that splash damage.

But the rest, about how DM17, with its extreme emphasis on mobility and speed, the surreal grace of players hurtling across the map, epitomized the Quake 3 experience? How it probably represents a high point in my gaming life, in terms of my overall mastery of and investment into a single game, as I will likely never again have either the time or inclination to give that much of myself to a game? That I’ve accepted that that particular season of my life has passed, with only a little sadness?

Yeah, that all rings true.

It rings more than “true”, it resonates, pregnant with deeper Truth. Sometimes, someone writes something that reaches out and strums your soul like a guitar string, speaking directly, intimately, to your experiences in this life. Something in them is kindred to something in you, and for a moment those two somethings recognize each other.

To quote the hippies, “I feel you, man. I feel you.”

Except for the railgun part. Eat my rocket, you sniping SOB.

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  1. steves says:

    Railgun-sniping bitch right here;) And yeah, I feel you, man! Quake III happened at the exact point in my life when I was young, fast, and with sufficient free time to get good, but at the same time had started making enough cash to get a decent PC and a fancy mouse. Good times.

    I recently managed to persuade a couple of the younger guys I work with, who are big into Halo/Destiny/modern console-shooters to play Quake live at the office after hours. Wiped the floor with ’em of course, but wasn’t the same…

  2. gareth says:

    Haha, give those whipper-snappers a lesson in strafing! 😉

  3. Daniel says:

    Lol, reminds me of tactics I like to used to use in Call of Duty, like drop shooting. Which is a real military tactic. So anyway a case of Realism is not Realistic…. I suppose? Tvtropes FTW!


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