10 Dec
December 10, 2011

Screenshot saturday is a little game dev community thing that happens on Twitter, done for mutual support and encouragement. Basically, you post up a WIP screenshot on Saturday for other devs to check out. Doesn’t have to be polished, just post whatever you’re working on right now. The screenshot saturday site picks up the hashtag and archives them, so you get a visual history of each week. It’s pretty neat to see what other devs are up to. 🙂

I’ll be posting something Street Sorcery related on #screenshotsaturday from now onward. For those not cool enough to be on Twitter ( 😉 ), I will mirror it here on the blog. First up, a shot of the campaign map. It’s a scrollable 2D city map with ‘hotspots’, clickable missions that will play you a snippet of the story, initiate a card duel and grant rewards (new cards, unlocking further missions) when you complete that duel.

Pretty simple. Please note, it’s all placeholder art.

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  1. dcfedor says:

    Yummy. Saw this thumbnail in my G+ and I couldn’t resist clicking on it. Good colors, lots of nernies, makes me want to explore!


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