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02 May
May 2, 2015

Been testing out some new cards and mechanical tweaks…

Match 1, Metropolitan Security Forces (MetroSec) vs Yakuza.

MetroSec rallies a bit toward the end with that Special Response Team and a few Support buffs, but multiple Wei Lees buffed by Little Tokyo prove too lethal. Like a meat thresher. A meat thresher made of sexy, vat-bred Japanese assassin chicks.

You can’t win with control of only one lane, Practice Opponent.


Match 2, Metropolitan Security Forces (MetroSec) vs Anarch rush deck.

Too much pressure, too quickly. MetroSec goes down. I think I need to nerf Kim Kardashian, I mean Selina Monroe. Her +2 Attack for every other Anarch card in play ability is hellova strong.


Match 3, Metropolitan Security Forces (MetroSec) vs Yakuza again.



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