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08 Apr
April 8, 2015

Ok, so this post is likely to seem a bit random, for any regular reader of this blog. For an explanation as to why I am writing it, see this post. I follow a bunch of writers on twitter, they’re all talking about it, and it gave me a chuckle. So I’m posting.

There is currently a bit of a brouhaha around the Hugo awards. The Hugos, for anyone who doesn’t know, are a prestigious science fiction awards thingy. They’re not too meaningful or well-known outside of writerly circles, but within that community they’re a mark of quality and fairly coveted.

Now, this brouhaha. It’s pretty GamerGatery, really. Some dudes have staged what they call a “fan revolt against the SJW cabal who conspire to make sure only SJW books get Hugos.”

Sounds pretty familiar, right? Right.

Anyway, so these dudes formed the “Sad Puppies” campaign. Which in turn spawned the Rabid Puppies. Which is, as the name suggests, a more rabid brand of Puppy, obviously. The Rabid Puppies are organized by one Vox Day aka Theodore Beale, author and noted internet bigot, who was kicked out of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America a while back for referring to a black author as a “half-savage” using the organization’s official twitter stream. Nice chap.

So various breeds of Puppy brigaded the Hugo nomination process in the name of “fairness” or whatever. And, just coincidentally, managed to get 9 separate Hugo nominations for works from a little publisher named Castilia House.

Castillia House just so happens to be owned by Vox Day.

The brigadiers also scored 2 Hugo noms for Vox Day himself, personally.

So, just to recap, the Puppy campaign against “SJW corruption” organized, in part, by Day, managed to score 11 prestigious nominations either for Day or for works Day has a vested interest in.

Snicker. Try this one weird trick at home to set your credibility on fire!

There’s that saying about lying with dogs and getting fleas. It seems rather appropriate, here.

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