NEO Scavenger progress report, and the effects of Greenlight and Desura

22 Sep
September 22, 2012

Daniel Fedor has a post up on his development site about how NEO Scavenger is doing, months after release, and what effect putting up a Greenlight page on Steam has had, as well as the impact of Desura. It’s well worth a read, for aspiring indie devs. And points to something I’ve said before, that putting up a Greenlight page is valuable even if it doesn’t result in your game getting on Steam itself, simply for the additional exposure.

Give it a read here, it’s always great to see indies being so open about their games do in the marketplace. It’s helpful data for all us aspiring indies, and can be hard to find.

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  1. Daniel Fedor says:

    Hey Gareth,

    I’m glad that you found it helpful! I definitely appreciated seeing data like this before I took the plunge, so I’m happy to pay it forward!


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