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20 Nov
November 20, 2013



I’ve always loved words. And I’ve also always had a deep and abiding admiration for those who use them well.¬†Whether it’s an insightful and engaging analysis of the world around us or building fantastical worlds of the imagination, good writing resonates. And it’s a skill I want for myself.

I do think I have some ability in that area. Whether it derives from natural talent or decades spent with my nose in a book, soaking up the great writing of others, I don’t know. But it’s not honed to the degree that I’d like it to be.

The solution, of course, is to practice, and practice a lot. Wishful thinking gets you nowhere. Some of the readers of this blog will have been here when I did the 365 day art challenge. It was one of the best, most transformative experiences of my life. Just as quitting my job and spending two years really working to build a polished, commercial-quality game was. The growth you experience when you commit to a thing and really dig deep, really give yourself to it, is marvelous.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to focus more on my blogging, to commit to it and expand the scope of what I write here. The change to this blog runs deeper than just a new look. I’m going to try keep a regular weekly posting schedule. And if you browse the sidebar, you’ll notice new categories. In particular, ‘Fiction’ and, under the ‘Life’ category, ‘Thinking Out Loud’.

I want to practice my story-writing and worldbuilding skills. The stories I write may or may not tie directly into my game development, but the skills I practice there certainly will. And on the non-fiction side, I want to practice expressing my thoughts clearly, by articulating them into posts about life and what I’m interested in.

I have one concern there, with the non-fiction writing. I plan to write about my views on a variety of topics. But…well, I’m a little wary of offending people. Some of the topics I want to write about may invoke strong feelings in many people. I don’t want to drive off readers who are just stopping by this blog to read about video games with my views on gun control or what have you.

That’s a worry I have, and for a long time I purposefully avoided posting anything like that here.¬†But I have a separate site dedicated to my video game development, now, and I’m active on a number of gaming-focused forums. So I figure this blog can be a place for all my interests and thoughts. And I will try my darnedest to remain respectful of differing views, which I think is the key to keeping discussion of heated topics civil.

Poke me if I slip up, aye.

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