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27 May
May 27, 2013

The heart of Pete Molyneux and 22Cans’ “Curiosity” experiment has finally been revealed. And it’s actually kinda interesting.

So, essentially, the winner gets to be an associate designer on Godus, as well as sharing in the profits to some small degree. Now, obviously we don’t know exactly how much say in the design said winner will have, nor what their cut of the take will be. It sounds cool, at face value, but it could amount to little beyond some superficial input.

Still, it’s an interesting idea, and an interesting prize to have won. I’m not a big fan of the mindless clicking part of the experiment, but I can certainly applaud 22Cans for trying something different and a bit out there.

It’s also, without a doubt, a rather cunning marketing plot. Gamifying your PR is hardly a new concept, but still, it was a clever gimmick. As someone who has spent time considering how to get the marketing message out amoungst all the noise and competition out there, I can’t help but admire the cunning of it.

I’m not a fan of Molyneax’s most recent games, but say what you want about the man, he knows how to get the spotlight. I only hope he produces some games worthy of that attention.

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