Merry Christmas!

23 Dec
December 23, 2011

Like most people, I’ll be taking a break over the next few days, spending time with family and so on. I hope you guys are doing likewise and everyone has a great time and gains some inches around the waist

I’ll cap off the year with a status report, 1 month in. Not a whole lot exciting to show yet as this bit consists of grunt-work programming, it’s not glamorous. Game looks like this right now.

I’m aiming for a basic prototype of the duel gameplay done by the end of the month. Don’t get too excited, by that I mean you can start a game, draw cards, play a creature, get that creature to attack, cast a simple damage or heal spell, and continue like that until someone dies. Not exciting to play, but the point is getting the underlying software framework going, especially with multiplayer state synchronization and so on.

Fucking multiplayer man, if I could take a mulligan I’d not make a mp game as my first effort. Complicates shit no end. Ah well.

I think I can make the end of the month deadline, but it depends, next week tends to be filled with eating, drinking and friends. Will try. 😉

From that milestone, It’s all basically iteration. Making the UI fancy pants, adding art and, most importantly, adding card mechanics. Oh, and a deck building interface.

So yes, basic playable version running, then iterate the features and playtest for 5 months. That’s the plan, let’s see how it goes.

So from the Street Sorcery team* : Merry Christmas, one and all! May it be joyous. 🙂

* Me. I mean me.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Merry Christmas!


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