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28 Mar
March 28, 2012

Assassin’s Creed 3’s creative director, Alex Hutchinson, has declared that Ubisoft won’t be “investing hugely in a mouse and keyboard setup”, saying PC gamers should be using a controller instead.

Let’s take a moment to think about this. An industry in which not a week goes by without someone standing up and whining about how piracy or used-games sales are killing their business, can’t be bothered to get the very most basic interaction the player has with their game right, on one of the platforms they release on.

And let’s talk about “investing hugely”. How much is “hugely”, exactly? How much of that massive AAA budget would it take to have some designers sit down and calibrate the thing properly? This is not rocket science, it’s some movement controls and a few context sensitive action keys.

And for those about to say “But it needs a controller! Analogue sticks blah blah!”, don’t make me laugh. I’ve played this series, for movement all you need is 3 basic states : standing still, walking, running, and transitions between them. For most of the game, you just mash “run motherfucker”.

This is utterly contemptible. They’re basically announcing that they can’t be bothered to spend a tiny amount of time and money making sure that the game feels ‘tight’ on one of the platforms they’re releasing on, and expecting gamers to not feel like it’s a slap in the face.

So yeah Ubisoft, please, keep crying about those used games sales killing your business.

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  1. Craig Lotter says:

    Is the PC market their biggest market? Probably not. In that case, just be glad you PC guys are getting a release at all! 😛

  2. gareth says:

    “Biggest market” is relative. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking 10 million in revenue from PC vs 100 million from console, it’s still 10 million.

    There’s no excuse for not taking the very minor amount of time and effort to make sure the thing controls right on all platforms it is released on.

  3. benji says:

    The biggest market will always win.It’s all about the money.And Xbox360 controllers are compatible with pc’s.So maybe pc gamer’s should get use to controllers instead off a keyboard and mouse ,Nothing beats the kb and mouse as far as fps games are concerned ,but a game like assasins creed works best with a controller.

    • gareth says:

      Saying “the biggest market will always win it” is not a valid argument. It’s like saying the market for English title movies is bigger than other languages, so the movie studio that is releasing its movies in other languages doesn’t need to bother paying for quality translators for the subtitles.

      That’s not logical. It’s not A OR B, both should be quality. If you’re not going to “release your movie in German”, fine, don’t. But if you ARE, then you should “pay for a good translator”. It’s simply good business sense, it’s going to help your sales in that market. Which you care about, or you wouldn’t be bothering to release in German at all!

  4. benji says:

    We will just have to get use to using controllers for 3rd person games.The xbox360’s controller works on any pc.Long live the controller whoooo lol.

  5. Daniel says:

    Benji. Nothing personal, but it’s that sort of attitude that’s letting developers think it’s all right to dump shit on us.


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