How Keys Work

23 Jan
January 23, 2013

Huh. So simple. Can’t say I actually knew that. Well, now I do!




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  1. Joseph says:

    I could just watch this forever… it’s oddly soothing.
    But I must say I had some idea of how it all worked after playing Oblivion 😛

  2. Diego Doumecq says:

    Apparently, the easy way to pick these types of locks is by “raking” them, which consists of inserting a “rake” inside the lock and then rapidly pulling it out, effectively bouncing the upper pistons up but keeping the bottom ones down. Add a little constant torque with a screwdriver or something more specialized and you have yourself an open lock without the key 😛

    • Woe says:

      Actually your better off using a bump key. Less likely to damage the lock and takes less time and skill. But bump keys differ depending on the manufacturer.

      Or so I heard.


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