Fearful Eye

31 Jul
July 31, 2014

Playing around with logo ideas.

I like the sense of narrative and mystery in this one. But I’m not sure it doesn’t imply that RMS is a horror game studio. 😛


Then again, does it really matter? Bioware, id, Mojang, Bungie, CDProjectRed…I’ve gotta go with Jack Monahan here.  The name (and by extension the logo, probably) is less important than what comes to be associated with that collection of syllables and glyphs, in the mass consciousness.

Fuck it, I like the imagery. What the hell is up with that moon, man? Is it…is it coming for me!?! Oh nooooo!!!

Until I come up with something better, I think I’ll go with that. 😛

3 replies
  1. Diego Doumecq says:

    I always pictured your studio as a vaguely antropomorphic moon with a dagger, a cape and a bandana 😛

  2. gareth says:

    Ahaha. I have thought of doing a simple white moon with an eyepatch as a logo. 😉

  3. Spyros says:

    Wouldn’t you get the idea of narrative and mystery from a calm, thoughtful gaze? Adding the idea of horror if you’re not making horror stuff sounds like unnecessary interference. Just saying.


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