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You know what I’d do?

11 Dec
December 11, 2011

You know what I’d do, if I’d acquired the world’s most successful RPG developer? I’d set them to work making RTS games. Yes. That makes sense.

Say what you want about EA, they are constantly striving to push the bar for facepalm-worthy decision making.

Now, it’s worth noting that this is the ‘new’ Bioware studio, Bioware Victory. Sure, this could just be EA trying to take advantage of the ‘Bioware Brand’ and slapping the name ‘Bioware’ on a completely different, completely separate operation that won’t in any way dilute Bioware’s focus, draw off any of it’s talent or change the original entities’ culture.

Sure. Could be. 😛

Good old EA, in a world of uncertainty, you can always rely on them. Their proud track record of buying up studios at the height of their popularity and then proceeding to destroy what made those companies popular in the first place shall go unblemished.

You can see the trailer shown at the VGAs here : link

Friday Art Update

11 Nov
November 11, 2011

Skyrim releases today, may be a while before I blog again. *cough*

In the mean time, here are some face studies and some mma dude pose studies. 🙂


24 Oct
October 24, 2011

So, a fresh start and a new look.

Unlike the old blog, this site is more a general purpose portfolio. Here you will find samples of my art and writing, as well as links to my game development projects. And if you’re in the mood to read my rambling thoughts on life, check back with this blog regularly.

I am available for contract work, whether you’re looking to commission a piece of artwork / writing or you’re looking for a freelance programmer (I have 8 years professional programming experience, for more info please contact me.)

Alternatively, if you just want to say ‘hello’, I’m always happy to read emails or respond to blog comments.