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30 Tips for Improving the Feel of your Action Game

21 Nov
November 21, 2013


A lovely little presentation from Vlambeer‘s Jan Willem Niljman demonstrating how the little “look and feel” elements can really ratchet up the enjoyability of your action title. Read more →

GoG open up indie publishing service

19 Aug
August 19, 2013

Well now, that’s interesting. GoG have opened up their platform not only for publishing indie games, but helping finance their development too (to some degree).

Details here.

Interesting indeed….

What sound does Neurotoxin make?

29 Jan
January 29, 2013

And what is the sound of Treachery? These of the kinds of questions I find myself asking recently.

Sound effects, you see. I’ve been adding them in for when you play a card, trying to come up with sounds appropriate to each. Unfortunately, a dedicated sound engineer is not something I have on this project, so I have to scour places like SoundRangers and FreeSound for suitable candidates, of the right quality, length and license options.

Not always easy.

Hopefully the end result will be decent enough. Though I’ll probably include an option to disable the fx sounds, just in case.

Anyway, work continues. 🙂