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Friday Art Update

23 Dec
December 23, 2011

Some recent art.

Thursday Art Update

08 Dec
December 8, 2011

Huzzah, I passed my Taekwon-do grading last night and am now officially a yellow belt. Just 6 or so more years until black belt.

Any day now baby, any day. 😀

Right, the art. It’s been a study-intense period, don’t expect finished pieces. These are all either studies of the 3D forms that compose the human body (for a better understanding of how to construct one from imagination, without reference)or landscape studies, which I pretty much suck at, so you’ll have to forgive that. You’ll notice I tend to draw people a lot. That’s because people are the hardest things to draw, and something I was very weak at. I’ve gotten better, but now other aspects of my illustrations are dragging me down, like landscapes and inorganic materials.

Only thing for it is to tackle those weaknesses. Have I talked about the improving weaknesses thing? I might have, but let me post it again just in case.

Alright, so you want to improve in a skill. This skill can be broken down into 4 aspects, let’s call them A,B,C and D. These are whatever is relevant to the skill in question, in art they might be anatomy, composition, colour theory etc.

Anyway, let’s rate your skills on a scale of 0% to 100%

A : 70%
B : 70%
C : 30%
D : 70%

So what is your total ability with the overall skill?

Well, the way most people would intuitively think of it would be the average of the 4 aspects. In fact, it’s not. It’s multiplicative. Your total score is : 70% x 70% x 30% x 70% = 10%

Oh dear, that’s rather dismal, isn’t it? Sadly, that’s how it works. You can’t be better than the aspect you’re worst at. If you’ve got a glaring flaw like C, it’s gonna drag you down again and again.

Now let’s pretend this is an RPG and we have points to allocate, a level-up! 20% say. Where to put it? If you’re like most people, you’ll practice the things you’re good at, because those are least frustrating. So it’ll look something like this :

A : 80%
B : 80%
C : 30%
D : 70%

What is our new total? 80% x 80% x 30% x 70% = 13%

Hmm. So what if we’d allocated those points to our weakest skill, C?

New total? 70% x 70% x 50% x 70% = 17%

More than double the improvement. And this is how it works in real life. You see more gain by tackling your weaknesses and working to fix them than by working on your strengths.

So suck it up and work on the most frustrating things, first. If you hate drawing hands, draw 100 hands. 😉

Right! Art.

My apologies for the silence, and some Art

26 Nov
November 26, 2011

Blast and damnation. I said I’d give you guys more info this week but my internet was kaput for most of it, had to get Telkom in to take a look. After that it was sorting out my tax returns before the looming deadline (I always leave it till the last minute, sigh). Then playing tech support for my parents’ laptop, then going down to visit said parents.

All in all : Life 1 – Gareth’s Blogging 0

I’ll post up that information in the next post, for now, to get the ball rolling again, have some art. Been a while since I posted that. Warning, may contain T&A ;P

For those interested in process shots, you can see the process of drawing the sitting dude here.

Friday Art Update

04 Nov
November 4, 2011

If you remember from the old blog, I was doing 100 small eye studies, I’d gotten through 60 or so. Here are the rest of the bunch. Was only toward the end that I really felt like it was starting to sink in. But I’m still far from an expert on eyes, ideally I would do hundreds of studies on all parts of the body. And I will, just gonna take some time. 😉


Whew, bored of eyes now, moving on. Here’s a medusa I’ve started. And some quicky colour studies from paused movies (Lord of War). And the beginning of a ‘do 100’ study of faces. 🙂