Blade Runner Tribute

14 Sep
September 14, 2012

A level created in Unreal 2 as tribute to Blade Runner. Fantastic.

I wanna play this!

Man, but I would love to have level designers/artists like this working for me. This is the kind of RPG level design I love the most, the DX/VtmB “open, non-linear levels but not vast sandbox” style level design, combined with a first person “seeing it from the ground” view.

And cities are so much cooler to explore than boring tracts of wilderness!

I think, when I do go back to creating a 3D RPG, this level of art (the U2 generation of games) is a good one to aim for. It’s simple enough that art isn’t incredibly time consuming to produce, but good enough to create great mood and atmosphere nonetheless. What do you guys think?

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