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13 Jul
July 13, 2015

It’s been a long road, friends, but final release is tantalizingly close, now.

Here at Rogue Moon Studios, it’s full steam ahead on getting System Crash to a release candidate. The content is in, gameplay has been tweaked and tuned, known bugs have been squashed, and there’s just this last stretch of campaign playtesting to get though.

And for that I need your help, ladies and gents.

Please, grab yourself a copy of either the windows beta installer or the zipped mac archive, install the beta, and give the Neon Noir campaign a play.

The beta lets you play up to 13 missions, so give them a try and tell us what you think. Is it fun? Challenging? Do you want more?

Help me make System Crash the best game it can be.

Good luck, and watch out for black ICE!


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  1. Adam Anden says:

    Hi. I’ve just installed the latest beta and have encountered what to me is game-stopping problem. I don’t have a mouse installed on my computer and rely on a WACOM tablet for input. While the previous beta worked with my Intuos tablet (in PEN mode) without any issue, I now find that in the latest beta I am unable to click on anything in the interface while in PEN mode. In MOUSE mode the input is captured properly, but MOUSE mode is cumbersome and defeats the purpose of using a tablet input device in the first place.

    I know that I am probably in the minority here who uses a tablet almost exclusively so if this issue cannot be resolved then I’ll probably just cave and buy a mouse in order to play System Crash.

    Anyhow, I’m listing some relevant specs here in case they may be of use to you in tracking down the problem:

    OS: Windows7 Professional, SP1
    Input: WACOM Intuos Pen&Touch CTH-480 (pen mode) driver version


  2. gareth says:

    Hi Adam,

    Hah, that’s an unusual bug! But I’ll take a look. 😉


  3. gareth says:

    Found the issue. 😉

    You need to disable “Use Windows Ink” in your wacom tablet properties, under the Mapping tab.


  4. Adam Anden says:

    Awesome! Will try it out tonight and give feedback. Hopefully that’s all there is to it on my end. Thanks for the quick response! 🙂

  5. Adam Anden says:

    Yep, that did it. Thanks!!

  6. gareth says:

    My pleasure! 🙂


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