17 Apr
April 17, 2013

Beta comes swinging in through the skylight!


Slightly later than I hoped, but we’ve finally reached beta! All major features are in, it’s pretty much bugs and finishing the mission content from here on in. Which will be my focus for the rest of the month.

I’ll open up pre-orders shortly, once I’ve setup the financial stuff (gah, banks). For now, give the beta a try! Now with added mac build!

Windows version

Mac version

Please note the new tutorial popups in the game. I’d particularly appreciate any feedback about whether the tutorial is a good enough introduction to playing SC, or if people new to the genre still find themselves a bit confused over what to do. Thanks!

List of changes :

– Many bugs fixed
– All final card art is in.
– Card balance tweaked.
– Counter-hacking cards overhauled. They now provide a sort of ‘armor’ against hacking effects.
– Added .Nuke to the counter-hacking arsenal, a card that lets you destroy hacking tactics cards directly.
– HE Grenade functionality changed. Now does 5 damage to primary target and 3 damage to Agents on either side of the primary.
– New tutorial popups and tooltips.
– Concede option in duels (flag icon in top right)
– Better phase and turn indicators, gameplay sped up again.
– Deck size verification.
– New card / buy metagame. You now win cards individually in duels (instead of, when unlocking a card, gaining essentially infinite copies of it for deck building). You can buy and sell your cards from the black market.
– Broadened the card choices available earlier in the campaign. Combined with new card economy, players have more options in deck building, sooner.
– Made end-of-turn card discard more user-friendly.
– New mission narrative.
– Email messages make clear what rewards are offered for doing the missions.
– AI in SenseSim mode can play with user decks as well as campaign decks. User decks will have the tag “(Custom)” next to them.

Remember, the best place to give feedback is in the official feedback thread on the forums. Though you’re welcome to post comments on this blog or email me 🙂

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