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10 Apr
April 10, 2015

OooOOOoooh! I’ve wanted something like this for Unity for ages!

I think I’ll snag it!

Man, System Crash is almost finished and I’m just ITCHING to start playing with some prototypes for new game ideas.

Almost there, almost there. Just gotta maintain discipline for a while longer. Then I can play! 😀

Skin Deep

10 Apr
April 10, 2015

That Sad Puppies thing is still ongoing, drawing even George RR Martin into the fray. It looks set to continue for a while, this fight. And it’ll get uglier before it gets better, no doubt.

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook about it today. She mentioned how she’d tweeted an article about the Hugos and, as is par for the course with these kinds of things these days, some rando looking for a fight quickly found her and engaged her in “debate”.

And there was a point this guy made, one similar to what we saw deployed in GamerGate’s NotYourShield campaign. It goes like this: “We’re not against diversity! How can you possibly say that?!? Look here, we have black writers, interracial marriages, female writers etc! We’re diverse!”

The flaw in this argument is that the anti-diversity part is not just about who creates the work but also about what they’re creating. You can be a black lesbian author, no problem, but don’t write a story that’s an allegory for racism and homophobia! Don’t discuss gender roles in video games! And certainly don’t give those kinds of stories a bunch of awards!!! That’s too much, intolerable. They can only have won by cheating. Something must be done.

You must conform to the *tastes* of these groups, tastes which represent, primarily, white conservative males.

Both groups will happily welcome women, homosexuals, gay people, people of colour, transexuals, whoever into their ranks. Just don’t go writing about issues that specifically concern those groups. Don’t give your awards to fiction that scathingly critiques capitalism and nationalism. Don’t evaluate video games through a feminist lens. Don’t point out that existing media is problematic.

Just be a fan, that’s ok, that’s safe.

Maybe, maybe we’ll let you talk about those issues, just a bit, just over in that corner over there. Where it can be safely ignored. But don’t talk too much, don’t be too loud, don’t take center stage, don’t trespass into our domain.

It’s skin-deep diversity, deployed as a smokescreen, a shield.

Don’t be fooled.

We Definitely Asked For This

09 Apr
April 9, 2015

You’ll probably have heard this by now(if not, shame on you!), but details of a new Deus Ex game have been leaked! My augmented nervous system is pumping nano-hype particles into my bloodstream as we speak!

Human Revolution wasn’t a perfect game, the boss battles made me want to gnaw through the table in frustration, but it did much more right than wrong. A lot more. And given that they went out of their way to release fixed versions of said boss fights, I think(hope?) that they’ve probably learned their lesson.

Gosh, but it really seems like we’re in a new Golden Era of gaming right now, doesn’t it? So many good new games being released. Huzzah!


09 Apr
April 9, 2015

I somehow managed to paint Kim Kardashian as an urban punk completely by accident. 😐

(I swear, I didn’t use her as reference. I reckon it’s because her features are so generic that if you draw “generically attractive” with that skin tone it just kinda looks like her.)


Here are a few variants of her costume that I considered before settling on what you see above.






On Fleas

08 Apr
April 8, 2015

Ok, so this post is likely to seem a bit random, for any regular reader of this blog. For an explanation as to why I am writing it, see this post. I follow a bunch of writers on twitter, they’re all talking about it, and it gave me a chuckle. So I’m posting.

There is currently a bit of a brouhaha around the Hugo awards. The Hugos, for anyone who doesn’t know, are a prestigious science fiction awards thingy. They’re not too meaningful or well-known outside of writerly circles, but within that community they’re a mark of quality and fairly coveted.

Now, this brouhaha. It’s pretty GamerGatery, really. Some dudes have staged what they call a “fan revolt against the SJW cabal who conspire to make sure only SJW books get Hugos.”

Sounds pretty familiar, right? Right.

Anyway, so these dudes formed the “Sad Puppies” campaign. Which in turn spawned the Rabid Puppies. Which is, as the name suggests, a more rabid brand of Puppy, obviously. The Rabid Puppies are organized by one Vox Day aka Theodore Beale, author and noted internet bigot, who was kicked out of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America a while back for referring to a black author as a “half-savage” using the organization’s official twitter stream. Nice chap.

So various breeds of Puppy brigaded the Hugo nomination process in the name of “fairness” or whatever. And, just coincidentally, managed to get 9 separate Hugo nominations for works from a little publisher named Castilia House.

Castillia House just so happens to be owned by Vox Day.

The brigadiers also scored 2 Hugo noms for Vox Day himself, personally.

So, just to recap, the Puppy campaign against “SJW corruption” organized, in part, by Day, managed to score 11 prestigious nominations either for Day or for works Day has a vested interest in.

Snicker. Try this one weird trick at home to set your credibility on fire!

There’s that saying about lying with dogs and getting fleas. It seems rather appropriate, here.

Thinking Out Loud

08 Apr
April 8, 2015

I’ve long debated with myself over what I want this blog to be. Do I only want to post stuff about game development? Or do I want it to be more of a personal journal, a place for thinking out loud?

And do I want to talk about controversial topics like atheism or politics, that might drive away people who only browse this blog for the game dev updates? People who are nice, but who don’t want to read views they may feel are attacking deeply their deeply held views on whatever? It’s so easy for that kind of content to ignite into flame wars.

I don’t know. But I do know that trying to keep this place “game dev only” has resulted in long patches where I go quiet. Honestly, some parts of game development are just boring drudge work, and I find it hard to motivate myself to write about those aspects. I’m probably sabotaging myself here, there may very well be people interested in reading about even the tasks I find dull as ditch water, but it is what it is.

But I do think I should be trying to write on this blog regularly. For the practice, mainly. Of all the tasks I’ve tackled in making System Crash, writing is the hardest. Not necessarily because it’s the hardest skill, but it certainly is the one I’ve developed the least. Programming is obviously my main skillset, I’ve been doing that professionally for a decade and it comes fairly easily. Art, well, I’m competent enough to get by. But writing, writing is where I bleed.

So I’d like to get into a practice regime, in the same way one would get up every morning and do sit ups. And I think that, whether it’s writing fiction or non-fiction, attempting to put my thoughts into words will exercise those writerly muscles.

So I’m trying something different as an experiment, as least for a while. From now on, I’m just going to post whatever moves me to write. Whether that’s gaming/dev related, personal anecdotes and musings, or even contentious politics. I’ve decided that is for me, my personal stuff. All of it. It’s a better place than my facebook wall, that’s for sure.

If I feel the need to split off the game dev part so that people can consume only that, I’ll add a dev blog to Feel free, lovely reader, to let me know if that’s how you’d prefer things to be divided.

I’m fairly lazy, so I’d only go to the effort of splitting that content off if there was a demand for it. ;P

Teenage Testosterone

06 Apr
April 6, 2015

Man. Mortal Combat set to Chop Suey? Teenage me would have loved this.

Lady Gangsters

05 Apr
April 5, 2015

Currently, I’m writing Miriam’s dialogue and listening to the Dredd* soundtrack to remind me of Lena Headey’s fantastic performance as Ma Ma.

Such different characters, Cersei and Ma Ma, but both awesome in their own way. We definitely need to see more Headey lady villains.

It’s a pity that Miriam was a last-minute addition to the plot, she sadly doesn’t play anything more than a bit part. Maybe I’ll write something around her in an expansion!

*Trivia – there is a nod to Dredd in SC in the form of an apartment block you investigate at one point named Cyprus Oaks. It’s a reference to Peach Trees, another incongruously-named megastructure.

Screenshot Sunday

05 Apr
April 5, 2015

This weekend, I’m all about those green ticks.