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Happy New Year! And a small System Crash Update

02 Jan
January 2, 2013

As the title says, Happy New Year folk! Hope everyone had a smashing and/or relaxing time. 2013 is upon us, and with it the final stretch of development for System Crash. Excitement! Terror! Excitement again!

From my side, I’m plowing my way through the dozens of little tasks I need to complete before the game can go out to playtesters. Minor things, most of them UI or usability related, that if I do them right you won’t even notice I did anything. Though if they’re missing, players will frown at me, of course.

One thing of minor interest is that I altered how you acquire new cards for your deck. I was going to use unlock them as you play missions, fairly straightforward. Decided that is a bit boring though so instead there’s a double barrier to acquiring new cards. First you have to unlock the cards, then you have to buy them using future monies, ie credits. This presents the player with a choice to make, where to spend their precious credits. Makes the metagame a bit more fun, since we all know that making interesting decisions is the foundation of good tactical gameplay. It’s a minor thing, but it ups the engagement a bit.

To go with that, I’ll increase the rate that cards unlock, so you have more choices available to you at any point, but the credit cost for buying cards will ensure that your actual card progression during the campaign remains about the same.

Some screens ( brace yourselves for sheer excitement as I unveil these new Text Labels! ;D )




Screens #1 & #2 show the Black Market screen, where you buy cards and build decks. In screen #1 you aren’t currently logged into a campaign though, so you can’t actually make any purchases there. Player credits are tied to story campaigns. I plan to release new campaigns in expansions, I don’t want you to be able to gyp the progression by taking your wealth from one campaign into the next.