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A Manifesto for Game Development

08 Jun
June 8, 2012

What can I add, but that I wholeheartedly agree with this?

Especially #1. People on twitter are cooing about the new Tomb Raider, all I could think when watching that trailer is “Well, that’s gonna be a boatload of Quick Time Events. Meh.” There’s such a huge difference between empowering the player and designing the game mechanics to generate cool moments and letting the player watch the cool moments.

The Suspicious Developments Manifesto

I guess a new Dungeon Keeper was too much to hope for

07 Jun
June 7, 2012

Peter Molyneux has revealed the first of his new companies’ projects.

Freed from the yoke of the publishers, able to exercise his full spectrum of creativity and talent, the man who at one time brought us Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital and Black & White has revealed…


I have no words.

How Games Journalism began its Decline

07 Jun
June 7, 2012

A rather interesting read, and creepily accurate. The conflict of interest makes it fairly obvious why most review score systems seem to go from 7-10 these days.


The E3 conference PC gamers deserve

05 Jun
June 5, 2012

So E3 has been pretty underwhelming so far, eh? Except for this trailer for Watch Dogs, which led to me standing up and rubbing my groin against my PC screen.

Yes, yesssssss, that’s what daddy likes…

But besides that, there’s some shit about a console remote thing, adding Internet Explorer to xbox live (WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHYYYY???), and MOAR SHOOTERS. Deeply exciting.

RPS summed it up rather nicely, that this event does not represent the gaming I know. Moreover, it does not represent the gaming I care about.

It seems I’m not the only one feeling disgruntled (such a lovely word, disgruntled. No more gruntles for you!). The folks at PC gamer put together this article which speaks to me, on the E3 Press conference that PC gamers deserve.

Much more interesting, I think you’ll all agree.

I don’t have much more to say besides yeah, fuck the mainstream, lets remake the industry in the image we want it. There’s many avenues where developers seem to be coming to the fore, seizing the limelight and dancing to their own tune. Lets celebrate these crazy, awesome fellows as they do what they do. And the journalists who stay true to the spirit of the endeavor, the joy and enthusiasm at the heart of it.

Speaking of which, there’s a Kickstarter project to bring back the Tom vs Bruce series. If you were ever lucky enough to read these back in the PC gamer days, they were hilarious. Kinda like the RPG play reports, and just as fun. Worth throwing a bob or two at. 😉